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Poundland has opened it´s third store in Madrid, Spain called “Dealz” but still the same idea; well-known brand products sold for a single fixed price. The first two stores were in after Alicante and Torremolinos.

I had not heard of it before but many of my friends have mentioned the new store in Alicante it and said how fantastic it is. They are a British store that are bringing their everything for 1 pound concept to Spain.

Everything in the stores in Spain is priced at 1.50€ (!) and that includes branded goods like PG Tips, Fairy washing up liquid, Toblerone etc. So how do they do it? Well by providing smaller products in some cases, maybe a half litre bottle instead of a litre, and also by playing around with profit margins, buying higher volumes that most supermarkets but having a smaller range of products in the store

I enclose a link to the store´s website and you can see for yourself. Seems a good idea to pay Alicante a visit before Christmas! http://www.dealz.es/en/

Dealz Alicante

Calle Castellar 3Alicante 03003Spain

Phone: +34 965 168 003

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