Rewarding Property Investments

Property investment can be a rewarding endeavour. Equity Release Spain has properties available to acquire at significant discounts, in some cases up to 50% off their market value. The additional benefit of allowing the seller to remain in the property until they no longer require it adds a unique dimension to this investment strategy. Investing […]

Investing in the hottest trend in Europe’s real estate sector

Investing in Equity Release deals in Spain.   A safe property investment involves careful consideration and thorough research to minimize risks and increase the likelihood of a positive return on investment.   Here at Equity Release Spain not only do we invest in these deals ourselves we offer JV options for investors too. Nothing tells you we […]

Equity Release in Spain; no longer a rip off!

In many cases, the first thing we hear when we mention that we work with our clients to help them to achieve Equity Release in Spain is “Rip-Off”. We try to explain that we are different. Our company is not buying the houses ourselves, just introducing buyers and sellers to each other. Equity Release Spain […]