Five Careers Irish Americans Can Have In Spain

So, you don’t like the results of the election and you think that it might be time to get out of America? Have you thought about coming to Spain?

The part we live in, The Costa Blanca, near to Alicante and Murcia cities, is mostly English speaking. We are used to certain services from back home yet we struggle to find these home comforts in Spain. Here are five random businesses that you could move to Spain and open today:


Real Estate Sales

I learned most of my customer care that I use in my Real Estate business in Philadelphia, working in the service industry. Nobody does bars and restaurants better than the Irish- yes we reply on our accent to get us so far but after that, Irish people must rely on our customer care for tips and a living. I remember my first ever 20$ tip like it was yesterday- I spent the afternoon chatting to (up?) a group of young ladies who wanted to know things to do in Philly for the afternoon. I gave them all the info I had, how to beat lines, where the best happy hours were etc. Net result, a crispy 20-dollar note. I’d love to say I framed it and put it on my wall as a reminder of what caring about your customer can do, but I spent it instead!

If you can sell anything, you can sell Real Estate in Spain, once you are legal and tax compliant. It, like what we sold in “The Bards” in Philadelphia is something that people want. Clients, Irish, British, Scandinavian and maybe even the Americans want to own property in Spain and it’s an easy sell. We are selling a product that people need. If you work under the umbrella of a team like Comaskey you’ll be safe, protected, you’ll have clients and your buyers will thank you for it. It’s a great way of life in Spain, both when you are working and when you’re not.

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Property Management

Like property sales, property management is a big sector in Spain. So many of the tens of thousands of Irish people owning on the Costa Blanca, as well as the One Million Britons with holiday homes in Spain rely on someone they can trust to hold their keys. Only yesterday a client who bought through a major competitor of ours in La Zenia came in to my office looking for a new property management team, claiming that the agent had rented their property without her knowledge. Can you imagine?? Well, it happens and if you are trustworthy, willing to sell yourself and willing to work, you too can profit from the all too often lack of professionalism in the rental sector in Spain.

Can you meet and greet tenants, even during unsociable hours? Will you work weekends and holidays? Can you clean, polish and shine an apartment before the owner arrives? Changing sheets, and laundry? We need people who are capable to do these tasks for our clients- you must be able to organise your time and prioritise jobs, once you do that, you might be onto a winner.


Running fishing trips

We recently went on our very first deep sea fishing trip, myself and a couple of guys, after almost 15 years talking about it! What a fantastic day- The Mar Menor was like glass, we spent the day with beer in hand and rods in the sea/ Ramon the captain spent his time telling us to reel in, quick, every five or ten minutes. He looked after bait, equipment and cold drinks!

While chatting to Ramon, he told us he wanted to sell his business as he needs a much bigger boat to accommodate the demand for his services.

For 20,000 euro, you could buy Ramon’s boat- you need to either have a boating licence or employ a captain with a licence. Spanish Solutions will help with both and licences can be studied for in the marina in Cabo Roig. If you do this, and you can promote your fishing trips on line, take bookings on line and over the phone- (Ramon speak very little English, this business needs an English speaker to take hold of it) provide transport (he is currently docked in Torre de la Horadada, ten minutes from Cabo Roig) you might have the most fun career imaginable floating on the sea right now.

Check out more on Deep Sea Fishing by contacting Claire by email: [email protected]


Bar Work

We already said that the Irish do the bar industry better than anyone else- Apologies to our Belgian, French and British clients but you must admit there is something in that statement! Anyway, we have several bars for sale on the Costa Blanca like the Bog Road in Cabo Roig and Murphy’s in Torrevieja.

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Do you have a few euro to put down on a business? We can help you finance the rest. The business here is very like the way it works in the US- mostly all in English, same products more or less and the same sort of clientele except here, the punters are on holidays with money that they want to spend. Disposable income means you don’t have to work so hard to get the clients in the door- just be open, be consistent, be in a good location and be nice!

We also have bars for lease in and around the Torrevieja area.

The good news, on your day off, you’ll be on the beach, the golf course or maybe on the Mediterranean Sea enjoy a deep-sea fishing trip!


Pilates/Yoga/Personal Training

Club Pilates is one of the biggest most profitable Franchises in the States. (Source

Who would have thought that an activity like this, something practitioners could in theory do in the privacy of their own home with a You Tube connection would become such a success? They are selling worldwide franchises now- Imagine running your own studio, appealing to people who want to improve their life and want you to help. If Pilates is not your thing, Yoga is massive here amongst both the young and old. Can you run a men’s only Yoga class? (I’ll go!). What about other fitness trends coming from the states like Curves, Planter fitness, anytime fitness etc? Usually we are a couple of years behind the Americans on the fitness front, why not bring the knowledge you’ve acquired from there to here?


These are a few jobs or careers here in Spain that are there for the taking without a huge downside.

The laws are the same as they are across Europe, the taxation system works the same, medical and school are free to people earning and working here. It’s a short couple of hours via Ryanair to London, Dublin and Glasgow and not only is there a new career waiting to be grasped, The Costa Blanca is the place to do it!


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