Murphy’s bar in Torrevieja has its Live Music Licence upgraded.


We were speaking to the owners of Murphy’s Bar in Torrevieja today and they have good news that the live music licence for the premises has been upgraded. The advantage of having your licence in place especially for music and food in the bar industry in Spain is huge. Many of the bars in Torrevieja took short cuts on this when they were opening, and we feel it may come back to haunt them.

There was a real clamp down on all the bars up and down the Costa Blanca last year. Undercover Guardia Civil were regularly calling into each and every premises on the coast to see who was serving after 1.30 am; who was allowing gambling and who had music without the relevant licences. We think it’s actually a good thing that the whole sector is being more regulated and we’re delighted that Murphy’s will not be one of the pubs getting hefty fines in 2017. We know of one bar who received a 5,000€ fine for allowing a bookie to operate there. Spain is dramatically changing the laws on gambling and the people who have paid hundreds of millions of Euro to have the exclusive rights to the gambling business are not happy with people profiting from their protected sector.

Spanish Solutions can help with any planning or licence issues you may have, except gambling licences! Antonio the architect is a professional and its well worth meeting him rather than waiting for the fine for having live music to arrive in your letter box.

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Murphy’s is being sold free hold and we have had lots of interest already. It’s a (fully licenced!!) thriving going concern in a great area, with big potential. We tell all our clients who are interested in buying a bar in Spain the same advice- Its not as easy as it looks and really it’s a business only suited to hard working people who have service industry experience. I personally think this business opportunity is most suited to a couple who can add a personal touch to the bar.

Please check out the brochure here and get in touch with Claire [email protected] to arrange your viewing trip to the Costa Blanca!

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