Las Ramblas Golf, Costa Blanca – Comaskey Properties

Las Ramblas is the second of the three Golf Courses that make up the QUARA Group of courses, the other two being la Finca and Villamartin.  This particular one opened in 1990.

This golf course is a work of Pepe Gancedo, a famous developer in the area and what a course Pepe designed. They say he stamps his imaginative and innovative character all over his golf resorts and las ramblas has those characteristics in spades.  It’s a very under estimated course and some of the reports you will find online are every unfair. What it’s not is a place to take your driver off every tee, the golfer must think their way around Las Ramblas and we sometimes find that difficult.
The third hole is a par 5 with a blind tee shot. The driver may help your ball find the fairway and leave you just an iron to the green. A seven iron off the tee however means you may actually find your ball on the second shot- a smarter option!

The club house is beautiful as is the practice area, putting greens and driving range when you can really open those shoulders.
Las ramblas is a cracking course, you will enjoy the scenery, the greens, the tough tee shots- just bring an extra sleeve of balls.

Property on Las Ramblas is mostly centred around their new developments – Great value with super deals available.

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