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The UK is 44th out of 45 countries surveyed!

The HSBC Expat Explorer survey  is the global survey completed by 27 thousand expats all across the world and it’s a key influencer in families and individuals deciding where they should move to. The extensive research was conducted online by You-Gov in Spring 2016. The league tables were calculated using responses to 27 of the questions asked in the banking giant’s research.

Its good news for those looking to move to Spain- The Iberian country ranks incredibly high in the view of HSBC- reaching top spot in Health (healthy lifestyle, access to medical services, public health care). Its ahead of everyone else in the race in looking after our health, yet ranks poorly in other areas which we really do not care about. I wonder is a bank the best qualified organisation to ask unbiased financial questions? For example, the UK ranks very highly in income earned yet about the same as Spain in disposable income. What difference if you are earning huge money but at the end of the week you have the same amount left as if you lived in Spain, earned half that amount for half the stress yet have the identical bank balance?

Singapore was ranked by expats world-wide as the best place to live and work abroad for the second year in a row. Again, you wonder does HSBC have reasons to encourage us to move to Singapore- Financial reason perhaps pay the banks more than health benefits!!

Foreigners living in Singapore highlight several advantages of moving there according to the 2016 results. It emerges as a particularly attractive destination for expats who are seeking a new challenge (38%) improved earnings (37%) or climbing the career ladder. Seriously, who cares about climbing a career ladder, if you are broke at the end of the month, stressed to the eye balls and sick! The other places to progress your career are Hong Kong and the UK- which finished last in the ranking of its resident’s health. Imagine people would progress their careers rather than have healthy and happy kids! Maybe we are living in Spain too long and our minds are wired differently but that’s a tough one to believe.

Economic confidence, politics and career progression may be important to people in the UK according to HSBC despite the fact they rank 35 out of 45 in terms of disposable income and 39th out of 45 in terms of savings at the end of the year. (oh, and they are sick!)

There must be a better way to live, right?

Anyway… Spain ranks well in those things that we can’t really mention on a CV. In fact, in the following areas, the areas that matter, Spain is in the Worldwide top ten:

  • Quality of life
  • Integration
  • Cost of raising children
  • Social life
  • Health
  • Culture
  • Property
  • Making friends

Personally, I’d rather be happier, have a better social life and a healthier one than progress up someone else’s career ladder!

If you have had enough and want to get out of the rat race, maybe you too should consider moving to Spain.

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