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Famous Irish Bar on the Cabo Roig Strip Now Up For Sale!

For the first time since opening back in 2001, the famous Irish bar, The Bog Road, is for sale.

The Bog Road opened in Cabo Roig way back in 2001 and has since been turned into a Costa Blanca institution by the O’Shea Family.

Perhaps the most popular bar in Cabo Roig every single year for the past 15 years, the pub will be sold finally in 2016. We are selling it as a going concern and whoever takes it over will acquire an established, profitable, turn key business.

The Bog Road is an institution in Cabo Roig. The Munster Rugby Team, the Tipperary Hurling Squad and a host of names form the worlds of Sports, TV, politics and music are regularly seen at the bar. We will encourage the new owners to leave the bar pretty much as it is today, the formula works and needs very little change.

The O’Shea family have decided that now is the time to sell due to personal reasons. That said, Jim, Caoimhe, Ger and Paul intend to remain on the Costa Blanca and will commit to remaining in the Bog Road as employees after the sale for at least a pre decided period of time. This will ensure a smooth transition for the new owners.

The bar is located in the best area of the Cabo Roig Strip. It’s on the beach side of the road and The Bushwacka, Smiling Jacks plus new neighbours O’Riordans and YOLO bar help bring a very solid clientele to that part of Cabo Roig. Banks, Supermarkets, Restaurants and other service provider offices guarantee a wide variety of clients walking past the front door every single day. Getting customers is not a tough job- they are walking past the large terrace every day. The ability to keep the customers is the vital aspect of the sector.

A short history of the Bog Road, Cabo Roig.

The story of the Legendary Irish Hospitality on the Cabo Roig Strip began over 15 years ago when Jim, and Business partner George, established the Bog Road Bar. The success continues with new customers discovering the hospitality, smooth business organisation and good humour of all associated with “The Bog” every day. One question people never need to ask is “Are you showing the match later”- Avid sports fans, every single sporting event is covered by one if the many screens and the bar has RTE television, plus the full Sky Sports packages in HD.

There is Live Music every evening and the ever popular Paul Cullen is the main attraction 3 night per week.

The staff at the Bog Road are redefining the hospitality sector in Cabo Roig since 2001 with sociable Golf days out, innovative drinks, a fine pint of Guinness and memorable sporting experiences for every guest, every round, every day.

A high-energy neighbourhood tavern, The Bog Road is relentlessly focused on the people, service and experience that define it. Every member of the successful team has seen the mistakes others made in Cabo Roig over the years, and they know that the fantastic location is only a part of the reason for this success. The management leads by example and the staff know how to go above and beyond the Spanish drinks and service business expectations of today. The Bog Road is warm and inviting, putting the focus on the friendly atmosphere, the drinks and, as always, the Irish Hospitality. The Bog Road has always been a neighbourhood favourite – not just for music, sports and drinks, but as a place to meet friends and kick back for a while.

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We understand that the new owners may or may not have the experience required to run a bar in Spain.

As part of the package, Spanish Solutions will provide tax and legal advice if required. (www.spanishsolutions.net) They have helped with almost 9,000 expat issues on the Costa Blanca and they are here to help you with whatever paperwork you require. Spanish Solutions were the 2014 Pride of Spain, Business of the year winners and they will prove a vital partner to have in your corner if you decide to take this business forward.

Jim O Shea, owner operator, will spend time with the new owners, introducing them to the customers. More importantly, he will ensure that the exceptional deals they get from beer and spirit suppliers continue.

The other members of the O’Shea family, Caoimhe, Ger and Paul and all willing to remain in place to ensure the customers do not see too much change too soon. Other staff members too are happy to remain, ensuring clients see a familiar (smiling) face behind the counter when they return to meet friends here in this friendly local bar.

This is not some easy way to riches on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Whoever takes over the business must be prepared to work run it like any other business. We have seen too many bars open and close in Cabo Roig and in fact up and down the length of the Costa Blanca, almost exclusively due to owners who did not know what they were doing. One of the absolutely key ingredients to the success of the Bog Road is consistency. Every customer knows the bar will be open on time, impeccably clean, always showing the match and always welcoming. On the other hand, staff or owners drinking behind the bar, being indifferent to the customers’ needs or doing anything differently to the successful formula is a recipe for failure. We see it all too often in Spain. Please remember this is a serious business that requires a serious commitment- it is not for everyone.

There are two ways the new owner may go about turning the investment into a serious financial return.

Running the bar themselves is the obvious first choice. This is only for experienced, hardworking investors. If you do not have the relevant experience, or you have not worked in the service industry in Ireland or the U.K. we encourage you to look at the second option. Once you’ve purchased the freehold, Comaskey Commercial Rental Department can find a tenant who will pay 2,000 euro per month rent on a 5-year lease to run the bar as your tenant. You will own the appreciating asset while the tenant takes the largest share of the profits. Its hassle free and ultimately going to provide you with a very solid rate of return.

As with any business we believe there is considerable room for increased business in the Bog Road. The current owners never pursued the possibilities of selling food for example.

Perhaps a more enclosed terrace for winter trade (subject to local licences) may prove to be a good idea?   This are avenues for the new owners to explore.


The Bog Road is being sold as a going concern meaning that it’s an open house and available to view at any time. Clients should drop in for a drink and look around before making any decisions. However, in the interest of fairness to the staff, the O’Shea family have asked us to request our potential buyers not to discuss the sale or the reasons for the sale with them while they are working and running the business. Once you express an interest to Comaskey, the exclusive agents, we will arrange a sit down with the owners where we can prove the accounts, legalities and tax compliancy of the business.

Perhaps you are not familiar with Cabo Roig?


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The Cabo Roig strip is a hopping family friendly kilometre of buzzing bars, restaurants and nightly entertainment. There is nothing like a late evening stroll along the strip while the sellers trade their hand bags, temporary tattoos, “designer gear”, hair braiding and even fish spa therapy.

To summarise:

The Bog Road is reluctantly on the open market from today. We are honoured to be the exclusive sellers.

For estate agents looking to market it, Comaskey will be delighted to provide you with any material you need and support should you have an interested party. Normal commission standard will be followed, which we will confirm with you in writing before you introduce a client. Please notify us of your client’s interest as soon as possible to ensure that they are registered as your buyer.

We feel confident that whoever purchases the bar is buying a business that can make them a very serious financial return. There is nothing hidden about this business- in fact, after 5 years, it’s quite the opposite. Anyone who knows the Bog Road, knows just how popular it has been and will continue to be into the future.

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The Bog road is perfect for a few different types of buyers.

  • The buyer who wants to look at it as a cold business decision. Buy the premises, put a tenant in place and enjoy the rental return and appreciation.
  • The buyer who has always dreamed of owning and running a bar in Spain- This is a turnkey success story, ready for its next chapter. Could that next chapter involve you?
  • The buyer who has the experience, the knowledge and the vision but lacks the financial capabilities to purchase the bar. Why not find an investor to back you- we can prove the profitability of the bar, making it easy to bring a financial partner on board?

Either way, do it soon. The Bog Road will be sold quickly. As much as the people here in Cabo Roig will miss the O’Shea family and their direct involvement in this Irish/Spanish institution, someone is about to benefit from this opportunity. Perhaps it will be you?


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The purchase price is 350,000€.


Please get in touch with Claire in Comaskey on:

[email protected], drop into anyone of our three La Zenia offices, reach out on Facebook or call us on 0034) 966773453.



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