Cabo Roig N332 “refit”, a blessing? – Comaskey Properties

The government is trying to improve the traffic flow in the Cabo Roig area by revamping the N332. Also they are installing a number of new foot bridges for additional safety but you have to ask the question, will anyone use them or will they play chicken and dodge the cars as they run across the road as always in the past. I remember when I lived in Nigeria and travelled a road much like the N332. This road ran from the airport to the city of Lagos some 20 miles away. Like the N332 this road was also a multi-lane affair. The people lined up on both sides ready for the race with death. They would dart back and fourth across the road until one did not make it. Is this what we are aspiring to on the N332 or are we going to see sense.

The other day I was driving down the N332 when I spotted someone trying to cross the road. As I got closer I realised that it was a woman pushing a carriage. I stopped to let her cross thinking or rather hoped that the carriage was full of groceries and not a baby. All of this raced through my mind as she pushed the carriage boldly in front of her across the street in complete defiance of the traffic. I guess she believed that a baby carriage would stop traffic and it did. But what about that person that had that one too many drinks or was just not paying attention. What happens to the baby, never mind the woman, she was still on the verge with the carriage on the road.

I believe that there is still going to be that element of people that drink to much and decide to play dodge ball with cars but this is ridiculous. At least the Nigerians had an excuse, they didn’t have a bridge to cross over on, perhaps the government should address the cause of the danger (eg dangerous / drunk drivers) rather then implement bridges that people just arnt using, perhaps they should make the roads themselves safer and not larger and faster.

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