The best invitation to Cabo Roig we ever read.

The best invitation to Cabo Roig we ever read.


Special Thanks to Guest Blogger, Dave Hernandez. A real letter sent to him by his cousin inviting him to dine at the La Bahia, Cabo Roig.

(June 2016)

The Best Table on the Costa Blanca has been booked for Fresh Tapas from Murcia, 8.30pm this Friday- your name is on the list… And We are picking up the tab! Oh, there is a little bonus attached too- have I got your attention?


Hi Cousin;


We’ve been meaning to get together for ages now, and this Friday is the day!

How about you, me, Lynda and Juanita down by the waterfront at La Bahia Restaurant? You know La Bahia? It was described by La Opinion daily newspaper in Murcia as “the best view of any Spanish restaurant from Torrevieja to Almeria”!!

We were on the waiting list for this exact table for four weeks and just got the call of a cancellation– We need to give them an answer before lunchtime tomorrow so if you don’t mind me being blunt let me tell you why we can’t miss this chance….

The table is on the waterfront, I mean right on the Mediterranean… soft waves hitting the delicate white sand, just meters away from where we will dine… you can go barefoot, nobody will mind!! I like the sand in in toes, I don’t get to do it often at the office, suspect you don’t either.

We’ll be seated in time to see the sunset behind us and with the summer stretch in the evenings, La Manga with its volcanic shape is visible just off in the distance.

My favourite part of the Bahia restaurant is watching the luxury yachts returning to their berths after a relaxed day of cruising the Med- What was that Christopher Cross song again we used to love? You know the one.

More good news, this is starting to feel like destiny… for just this weekend, the Bahia Summer specials mean it’s the temporary home of the “Murcia Tapas tour”. We will be served freshly prepared fish, meat and vegetables, in fact 40 courses of local Spanish dishes over the course of the two and a half hours we will be seated for. Local Sardines, fresh Cod, organic pork, the sizzling beef cooked right in front of us…. Can you see it? Can you smell it? The charred deliciousness. Better still, can you taste it?

I know you love a cigar and as we’re outdoors we can even smoke a Cuban without having to change table once the restaurant closes and the fun at the outdoor bar kicks in. The famous Live Flamenco show commences around 11pm and the ladies will love a chance to watch the performance, from ring-side seats while sipping a second (or third!!) bottle of local Rioja. I can’t wait… the peaceful lights of Torrevieja off in the distance, the lapping waves almost teasing us to get our feet wet.  Contrast that to the hard Spanish wooden shoes of the performers hammering the wooden stage- the echo drifting into the night Spanish sky….

So, have I sold it to you yet? I need you at 5pm in Cabo Roig.

Just a reminder, we must let them know ASAP that we want the table- naturally there is a waiting list.


Speak tomorrow, or sooner if you can.



PS- The beef is from Galicia, I forgot to say- maybe the best beef in the world and the vegetable are all locally grown- no pesticides here! Let’s do it, man- Text me back with a “yes”.


PPS- Did I forget to mention Juanita and I have chartered a boat for the late afternoon? Meet us there at 5pm in the Stella Auris centre. We’ll jump on board and spend a few hours sailing around the Cabo Roig bay, maybe as far as Los Nietos, then come back to the Cabo Roig Marina, get cleaned and changed for dinner and walk the ten or so steps to our awaiting table. Be ready for super service too.

I’ve got a line from a song in my head, can’t shake it….

Well, it’s not far down to paradise, at least it’s not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquillity
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Believe me!


What song is that?? See you guys Friday!


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