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How we can help you build a property empire in Spain*!!
*(OK, maybe not an empire, but a decent Spanish property portfolio at least!!)

There are many advantages to opening a franchise on the Costa Blanca. There are many more positives to following a proven strategy as the one documented by Comaskey properties and now offered for sale here in Spain.

An advantage that we almost forgot about when we were promoting our Costa Blanca franchise is that if you run your own real estate franchise, you are in a prime position to not just earn some very favourable commissions but you are in a position to build your own property folio as we have demonstrated ourselves over the years.

Property as an investment has many wonderful benefits and the Costa Blanca property sector is no different.

•    Spanish property offers profitable sustainable growth.
•    We sell both commercial and residential Spanish property.
•    The rental market in Spain and particularly on the Costa Blanca is (please excuse the pun) red hot!
•    Rental property in Spain gives you an income now, capital appreciation hopefully over the next number of years and really boosts your pension pot.
•    We can structure your tax affairs to ensure you do not pay too much tax in Spain or at home.
•    You can align your property portfolio with your personal hopes and dreams.

As a Comaskey Franchise there are other benefits that regular investors do not have:

1. You often get to see new listings and new developments long before they ever come to the market, giving you a head start over most investors.
2. You will understand the market and know which areas offer best rental return. For example, if you know that there are no properties to rent around the Zenia Boulevard, perhaps you should buy a few units there.
3. As part of your operations manual we show you how to manage your own properties. The hardest part of being a property investor is managing your property or having a third party manage them for you- now, suddenly you are your own property manager and you pay yourself the 12 percent fees!!
4. You are your own property agent. Commissions on new developments and on resale can run into many figures. If you are your own agent and you will be when you become a Comaskey Franchisee, you keep the commission all to yourself less your franchising fees and marketing fees paid to head office. You can literally save yourself a small fortune by not paying commission to a third party- the very best news of all…. we show you how to do it!
Not many people really think of property investing especially in Spain as a real business. Working in the Comaskey environment where you can bounce ideas off property experts with no hidden agenda, find tax efficient vehicles to build a portfolio and have the first option to purchase many great value for money properties, has long term financial benefits to you and potentially to your financial health.
If you are interested in becoming a Comaskey franchisee, please get in touch today to discuss available Costa Blanca territories.

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