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After 16 years of trying to avoid getting into the Spanish short term rental sector, Comaskey have finally decided that 2017 is the year we officially get into this business in Spain.

We have had Chris Doolin managing our short-term rentals very successfully as part of his own business for the past couple of years. Chris is at top of his capacity now and therefore it’s time for us to move this business forward ourselves.


We are certainly not getting into the Short-Term Rental business to get rich from it! Anyone who manages property here will tell you- this is far from easy money. Listing the properties; organising the property to leave it ready for the following rental: collecting tenants at the airport while wondering is the French air traffic controllers strike still on; late night calls when the tenant has locked themselves out of their apartment- It’s all ahead of us and we are ready. Why we are doing this is that it’s a service our buyers, investors and clients have asked us for since we did our first property deal in Cabo Roig in 2001. We don’t feel anyone else can give the value and service that we can- We have tried before Chris took over to farm out the business but let’s call a spade a spade- most of the rental companies are not particularly good.

Why now?

Spain is booming. record numbers of British tourists went to Spain in 2016, undeterred by a weak pound and the vote for Brexit – with some places reporting to be 100% booked up from May through to late September.

Official figures from the Spanish government reveal that a record 10 million tourists arrived in July 2016 alone- that’s up 12% on the previous year. Other stats tell us that one in four tourists come from Britain. The Association of British Travel Agents said there was an increase year-on-year of 25% in numbers of holiday makers visiting Spain. It’s no coincidence that they also report a 30% decline in visits to Turkey and a 60% fall in Egypt travel. Plus, there has been a near total collapse in tourism to Tunisia.

Ryanair chief Marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs said this week about Spain…

“We at Ryanair have seen an incredible surge in demand for flights this past year to Spain, which is up 30%. Spain will be big again next summer, (2017) followed by Portugal. In fact, if you are going to Spain this year, make sure you book flights and accommodation early,” he advises.

Why us?

We’ve been in the holiday maker entertainment business since Bernie and Pamela Comaskey opened Paddy’s Point back in 1998. In fact, we feel that this bar, which later became an institution did more to bring tourists to the Costa Blanca than any other marketing campaign even did in the history of Spain. We’re not joking- tens of millions of euro changed hands in La Zenia due to the success of Paddy’s and every day we have clients asking us for property within walking distance of Paddy’s Point. We think the short-term rental business next year will have the same effect, just maybe without the millions changing hands.

We’ve sold 3,000 properties. We have a fully legal rental and property management company operating here since 2009. We pay tax on behalf of our home owners. Our Legal division designs contract which protect our landlords and tenants alike from any unexpected challenges or surprises.

We send monthly reports to our landlords, with VAT invoices for any work carried out. We are the most respected property management company on the Costa Blanca. For example, when the La Zenia Boulevard were looking for properties for their thousands of employees to rent-  they contact us, an Irish company, ahead of all our Spanish competitors- High praise.

I guess the biggest guarantee you have is because we are so big in the property, legal, taxation and fiscal sectors here in Spain you are pretty much guaranteed that nobody can compete with us. We will offer you a better service than any other short term Rental Company on the Costa Blanca.


We obviously operate in the great Orihuela Costa Areas-  La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Punta Prima, Los Dolses, Villamartin, Playa Flamenca. We sold literally thousands of apartments in Polaris World too and other golf resorts. Nobody wants to manage these properties for our clients so now we will do it ourselves. Sure, tenants will not pay as much to spend a week on a golf course as they will to be overlooking La Zenia beach, yet still there is a market now I believe for these reasonably priced properties on Mar Menor, Riquelme, El Vale, La Torre and well as other resorts such as Roda golf, La Finca etc.

Basically, if you have a property within a reasonable drive of Alicante or San Javier airports, we’ll list your property and manage your short-term listings. If you bought it as a holiday home, chances are there is someone out there ready to spend their summer holidays there too.

How much do we charge?

That all depends- typically property management fees for the year are 250€. We’ll offer you and your tenants a full range of services additional to this fee such as:

  • First an analysis of your property and a report on what sort of rental income you can expect versus and costs- you might need to build a 10,000€ pool to increase rentability by 50,000€ over five years for example.
  • Listing the property on the top portals in Europe.
  • Staging the property- leaving it ready for photos.
  • Preparing the property and buying towels, sheets etc- whatever your clients need.
  • Advertising and marketing the property on out websites, in-office publicity, Facebook, google ads etc.
  • Answering any potential rentals questions.
  • Taking the booking, deposits, contracts etc.
  • Airport transfers for your tenants.
  • Meet and greet service for your clients- show them how to work the AC, TV and more.
  • On call service for when they lose their keys and need local help.
  • Ensuring the home was left in good condition.
  • Managing any repairs if required.
  • Cleaning of the property, before and after stay.
  • Paying of your relevant taxation here in Spain.

That’s the short summary of the story we are offering to our homeowners in Spain who are looking to monetise their property in Spain.

Otherwise, regardless of who you bought your property in Spain from, please give us a chance to help you to combine your love of Spain and your property in the sun with a decent rental return.

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