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We love golf. It´s hard not to when you live on the Costa Blanca in Spain. We have a dozen or so golf courses within a few minutes drive of our La Zenia office.

New developments on Spanish golf courses are becoming very popular with people thinking of buying property in Spain.

Here are three developments you should check out:

So, that’s some Spanish property you might want to consider but no matter where you buy on the Costa Blanca you are close enough that distance can never be an excuse for the kids not playing golf. Here are a few reasons why we think all kids should be doing it….

1. Golf for children in Spain can be quite inexpensive.  When the kids start playing, you´ll be spending most of your time on the driving ranges – Las Colinas charge just 5 euro and you can hit balls there all day. They have a driving range, really good bunkers, putting greens etc. So too do Las Ramblas and Campoamor golf courses.  Many of the golf courses offer summer camps for kids. Lee Westwood for example held a camp in La Manga last year.

2. It’s sunny on the Costa Blanca all year. You can golf here 320 days of the year. Yes, we get rain, very occasionally but in reality you´ll need your sunscreen more than your umbrella in Spain!!

3. Golf is co-ed. Both boys and girls from as young as four can play here together. The little ones all play off children’s tee boxes when they do eventually make the move to the course but to start off, they´ll be hitting balls side by side on the practice ranges.

4. Golf teaches the kids good manners. Even on the practice range, there is a code of ethics. We love hearing “please and thank you” from the little ones we see on the Costa Blanca courses- Its very much the norm here and very contagious amongst younger golfers.

5. Golf teaches life lessons. We all know it and have experienced it: the putt that lips out and the shank approach that goes in the hole, quite by accident- Life can be a mixed bag and nowhere is that more apparent than on the golf course.

6. Golf here in Spain is super social. Kids makes friends easily at the best of times, but here you hear the little Scandinavian golfers chatting away to the little Irish golfers in Spanish as they find a new fun way to make friends. Golf itself is a world sport and a perfect ice breaker.

7. Golf is family friendly. There are very few sports that kids can get into at such a young age that stay with them for life as golf. Family golf holidays in Spain are just as popular with “kids” of 30 as they are with kids of 10. Golf in Spain offers parents a chance to play with their kids and share some wonderful life lasting memories.

8. You may have the new Tiger Woods living in your house and you don’t even know it!!

If you are thinking of buying golf property in Spain, check out some of our special offers. We can offer you deals on property on some of the top courses on the Costa Blanca.  If you are just looking for a golf partner, let us know and we´ll see if we can hook you up with someone!!

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