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In injury time at the end of Malaga´s champions league game against Dortmund in Dortmund, you would have put your heavily-mortgaged house on the certainty that there would be three Spanish clubs in the semi finals of Europe’s premier tournament and at least one in the final. Three weeks later, we have an all German final-Where did it all go wrong for Spain?

Firstly, for Malaga, it was a couple of dodgy goals and a three minute implosion that knocked them out. As soon as they thought “nothing can go wrong”- it all went wrong. Sounds a bit like the Spanish financial system?

Back to Futbol, even after this defeat, with Madrid facing Bayern- Mou in his last season at the Bernabeu, surely there will be a blaze of Spanish glory? Ronny, the 2nd best player on the world? Alonso, Di Maria, Ramos, OK, cant think of anything to say about him.. but you get the idea. For 176 of the 180 minutes of this contest Madrid were second best and soundly beaten by Munich. Is the lesson we get from this you can´t just throw money at something and expect a positive result while building from the financial foundations is the correct recipe? Yes, we´re aiming this dig at Spanish Banks.

On the other hand Barcelona, the greatest team of our generation facing Dortmund, the unfashionable, over achieving Germans. This was a different story and tells us all that just because it worked yesterday does not mean it´ll work tomorrow. They´ve had their problems, a few injuries at the back, Messi´s hamstring, Titto´s illness but even so, you´d have fancied them to knock out Borussia. Instead they lost 0-7, the biggest ever defeat in a semi final because they could not adapt.

Just proves the point… If you continue to do what you are doing you will continue to get what you are getting.

Do the Spanish banks read this blog?
They should.

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