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Here are our top reasons why people buy property on the Costa Blanca in descending order.
5. The rental market. 30% of our buyers are purchasing now due to the strength of the rental market here. People can of course use the property themselves while still making a nice return on their investment. It’s the best of both worlds!
4. Accessibility. Ten years ago there were direct flights from only a few of Europe’s main airports. These days you can fly to the Costa Blanca from Knock, Edinburgh, Southend, Wroclaw, Kaunas, Oslo or Billund, not to mention about 100 other cities in Europe. Our admiration for Ryanair is well documented and now that they are bringing hot buyers to the area- well, we like them even more.
3. Reason number three people list for buying property in La Zenia and surrounding areas is ‘the lifestyle’. Again ten years ago everything was different. People were buying with a view to doubling their money- those days are long gone and now people buy to spend days lounging around the pool with the Grand Kids, working on their tan on La Zenia beach, sipping wine overlooking the sea or golfing on Villamartin’s world class par 72 golf course.
2. No.2 reason people are buying property on the costa Blanca is Prices of property relative to prices in the dizzy heights of 2007. Stuff is 50% cheaper than it was especially if clients are buying without using the banks or builders. The way to get a bargain with no surprises is to buy a property that has already seen the original buyer take the hit. Stay clear of banks and desperate builders no matter what they promise you!
1. The top reason people are buying property in Spain according to a recent survey is the old favorite. The weather. As I write this (jan ’13) it’s 17 Celsius on the Costa Blanca when many cities in Europe have at least a sprinkling of snow on the ground. Summer temperatures are perfect for building a thirst that can only be quenched by jumping in the sea or nailing a cold San Miguel. I can almost taste it!

There you have it, this is why Spain in general and La Zenia in particular is a hot property spot for 2013.

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