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I was on my way home yesterday wondering just what I was going to write about the next day when out of the blue it came to me in the form of a white van. Yes you heard right, the hated white van that takes no prisoners. This happened at the new roundabout that appeared overnight as usual on the road from the N332 up from the little Carrefour.

At this new roundabout, cars travelling from the N332 direction used to have the right of way at this junction but now have to give way to anyone in the roundabout. Now back to this white van was going hell bent for leather. It was not about to slow down for anything or anybody. I leisurely set there waiting knowing full well what was going to happen and sure enough he barrelled through with out a second thought. It was only three weeks ago that there was nothing there but some plastic saw horses and a few plastic cones but now it’s a full blown round about with plastic piles, paint and all that one equates with a roundabout. Now that it’s here lets respect it and give way.

This reminds me about a time when I was living in Nigeria. A friend of mine, lets call him jack, was driving down the road when he approached an intersection with a police man in the middle directing traffic. As my friend attempted to cross the road the police man jumped out in front of Jack and shouted “what colour am I”! Jack not wanting to be raciest didn’t know what to say, but the police man shouted again “what colour am I”! By this time Jack didn’t know what to do so he said “Black”. The police man then responded that he was red as he held up his hands that had gloves on them with one side red and the other side green. He began to explain, much to Jack’s embarrassment, that when he held up the red side of the glove the driver was required to stop.

Back to the round about. There is also a zebra crossings across on each road leading to the round about. I would assume they are for the safety of the pedestrian. I have noticed that the only time anyone stops at them is if there is a car in front of them and not just to let the people cross. Just maybe we need someone here with red gloves. So if you are a pedestrian, don’t assume anyone will stop to let you cross as once they have you in their sights they will try to mow you down, I am not sure how many points you get for each one that you take out but surely you get more for the younger ones. I wonder if they have a swap meet where they can trade their points in. Never mind, all I know is that the Driver’s of these death mobiles have a lot to answer for.

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