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It seems like it is the thing to do these days, so I believe it is time for us to “blog”. (Whoever thought of that word anyway; it has strange connotations for me of blarney, bog, blag etc…?).  Reading other peoples’ blogs inSpain, I am struck by how the tone can differ from bashingSpainand how badly things are done here to a full-on adoration of all things Spanish.

I think I will just write and see how it plays out. The thing about working in a legal and tax and services firm here is that we see all sorts; the good and the bad, and sometimes the downright ugly when things have gone wrong or not been done properly.

Every day on the forums and facebook I see comments all the time about saving money by using Joe Bloggs (see that word again…), a man who does legal work or car stuff in his spare time, or even plumbing, and pockets the cash. Yes, he is probably very nice and very helpful, and cheap, but when things go wrong or have not been done properly (like he didn´t realize something had to be approved by the Ayuntimento), he can never be found, or is at a loss, and often we pick up the pieces.

I don´t know about you but I like things done properly and as long as I am not “ripped off”, I am prepared to pay for it, as I believe that you get what you pay for.

The people avoiding tax and social security and doing things illegally are not really the ones that help people, but that have brought this country to its knees. A friend of mine has worked in many restaurants here owned by the Spanish (or non Irish/Brits), almost every one does not give contracts, or if they do on the absolute minimum of hours, whereas the staff work 12-17 hours a day and sometimes do not get paid while their bosses swan off on cruises. It is totally illegal, yet these people get away with it and they are the restaurants and bars that survive that are cheating their staff and the system, yet the “honest joes” are often the ones that cannot continue.

My advice is don´t be cheated but seek proper advice and do things in an honest manner and in the long run, you won´t regret it and will sleep soundly.

Now I am going back to sorting out that car ownership transfer that someone royally messed up and I know one more person won´t do something on the “the cheap” again and will use firms like us for buying and selling a house or changing their car to Spanish plates.  Honesty really is the best policy…And this is not purely a sales pitch, it actually comes form the heart.

PS. I promise not to do a bashing blog next time…!

Amanda Thomas of Spanish Solutions Legal & Tax

@SpainSolicitor and Tax

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