Smart Currency Exchange opening day at MalaQuita in La Zenia. – Comaskey Properties

Terrific first day of our working relationship together!!

We had a terrific get together on Friday last in our MalaQuita office. We have signed a new agreement with Smart Currency Exchange so that they can have a physical presence on the ground here on The Costa Blanca. Please stay tuned for more developments. The good news for clients of Spanish Solutions, Comaskey and even just walk by traffic is that Smart are offering great deals on currency. Brexit has thrown great uncertainty at the market so every % point you can save on your currency will make a big difference.
Please feel free to contact us for details by email ([email protected]) or drop into see the folks in MalaQuita.


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On Friday we had music from Juan Angel, Food and drinks from Hazel, Alan and Ryan from in Paddy’s Point and a beautiful Friday afternoons sunshine supplied by our favourable Spanish climate!!

Richard Kirk, Jo Kilcourse, Jana Korpova, Sarah Monaghan, Mark Rickard and Matthew Crisp all joined us from Smart Currency Exchange for the day and they were all great fun. We hope they enjoyed their weekend in La Zenia as much as we enjoyed having them.

Chris and Emanuele from RightMove Overseas were the most popular people in the room as they are the ones who actually generate buyers for the whole of Spain! It just shows the respect these guys have for Smart currencies and this soon will result for increased numbers of buyers for us simply by our association with Smart Currency Exchange. Better news for those who choose to sell their property on the Costa Blanca through Comaskey- We are going to have even more buyers pretty soon.

Thanks to all our neighbours and friends who popped in to say hello.

Smart Currency Exchange did a deal with /Yvonne in La Zenia travel, Worldwide Horizons and we raffled a cruise in the day. Congratulations to Mary Flynn from Amapolas in La Zenia. We are thrilled that she was the lucky winner of the cruise on board the Costa Azul Cruise Liner.
Mary’s Husband Paddy, a very popular figure around La Zenia sadly passed away 6 months ago. Due to a series of reasons, Paddy and Mary did not have a will in place and this caused a major issue when it became apparent that Paddy would not be coming home from hospital. Eva at Spanish Solutions needed to act fast and she did. Eva spoke to Margarita, the Notaria in La Zenia and explained the situation. In the first ever case I’ve heard of like this, the notary visited Paddy with Eva in his hospital bed and signed and stamped his will there and then meaning Marys inheritance tax was dramatically reduced and a potential landmine of difficulties defused.
Mary will take Leonita Bracken on the cruise as her companion. Leonita too had her difficulties since becoming a Comaskey / Spanish Solutions client all the way back in 2004. Leonita had kidney failure and after four long years of dialysis in Torrevieja hospital, Leonita was strong enough to receive a brand new kidney of her own last year. She is doing great and will take full advantage of the cruise.
Although Finn Comaskey pulled out the winning ticket, he is only 5 and assures it the prize was not rigged, but really he could not have picked a more deserving winner.

We hope this is a good omen for the new Smart Currency Exchange and Comaskey / Spanish Solutions business relationship!
Congratulations to Mary and Leonita and thanks especially to Richard for a fantastic start to our working relationship together.

If you are interested in dealing with Smart Currency Exchnage please click here for more information.

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