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So you want to sell your house on the Costa Blanca or in any part of Spain? Regardless of whether or not you bought from Comaskey Properties, we can help you to sell your Spanish property – Please get in touch with Tracie and she will tell you what paperwork you need and what the next steps are. [email protected]

Like any market in the property world, The Costa Blanca, Spain has a few key things you need to do which will not only help you sell your property, but achieve the best price possible, even in these fairly difficult times.

Follow these guides and you’ll sell your Spanish property – simples!

1). Trust your estate agent If you trust us and believe the guidelines we give you for a successful sale, we are the most qualified people on the Costa Blanca to sell your house. If you have to choose between the advice we give you or that of an agent from the street you met in a bar somewhere, please take our word. We do a lot of this and we know how to get viewings on your property and subsequently close the deal.

2). Make it easy for us Give us keys. We understand possibly you have listed with multiple agents and you don’t want them all to have keys to your house. The bottom line is we cannot always organise viewings by appointment, many of our viewings are walk-in , spur of the moment viewings. If your key holder is in the water park or the zoo when we want to view, the client will buy elsewhere and both you and the agent lose the deal, and the buyer possibly misses out possibly on the house they should have bought- yours! A Key holder, unless you live in the property 365 days per week, will cost you a sale.

3). Think Euro Many of our buyers come from Scandinavia, Germany, France, Ireland and of course the UK. We cannot sell your property in Sterling, Rupees, or yen. The price in euro is all that counts. Find out the exchange rate, talk to us and currency conversion if you do sell, but remember we will only sell in local currency – euro!

4). Stage your home When clients view your property on our web site, it must look attractive or they will not view it. Tidy up before we come around, wash the dishes, and leave the place as welcoming for clients as possible. After listing, please do not remove pictures etc form the walls. Picture hanging holes in walls are not good for buyers and when people are buying, very often they want to fall in love with the house. Keep the gardens manicured, if the property needs painting, cleaning, or maintenance, paint, clean or maintain it. Our sellers are available and very qualified to advise you on what needs to be done, and getting it done. Freshly brewed coffee and the smell of baking bread are no longer enough.

5). Price the property. Talk to an expert in our office regarding price but following these guidelines… Ask us what it’s worth and what we’ve sold the equivalent properties for recently- There are always three factors to getting a home sold location, price, and condition only two are under your control: price and condition. Of the two, which is more significant? Price. Remember that price will correct bad condition, but condition will never overcome a bad price.

6). Act now You’re in a race against time the best price you’ll get in today’s market is the one you get now. In Ireland we have a saying- your property is only worth what somebody will pay for it. If you over price your property, It will sit on the market, all the time costing you community fees, suma taxes etc. If you have decided to sell your Spanish property, then let’s sell it.

7). Get yourself a good solicitor Like doctors, teachers and estate agents, there are good and there are bad lawyers. Yes, you can save a few euro by getting a non qualified, non client friendly solicitor. We can safely say, it’s the hardest money you’ve ever saved. Just because you bought through a certain lawyer, possibly who was introduced to you by a builder or a previous estate agent, does not mean you have to stick with them. You can change to whoever you wish, it takes 60 seconds and of course as with anything, we can advise on who works, and who does not. In La Zenia we have three or four firms who are particularly good. Everyone knows we are biased to Spanish Solutions but not exclusively!!

8). Give us photos We list houses during the day. Why not email us additional photos of night views of your pool, or garden. An outside photo of your apartment block when it’s fully lit up will always look good on line. Perhaps you know the neighbour who will let you up on their solarium to give you a good angle for a photo. The are companies who will record short videos of your property for publicity. We’re very happy to include any additional tools like this on on web site, if it helps get you a a deal.

9). Don’t over personalise Lastly, as important as an overly furnished property, too many personal Nick knacks and family photos can make buyers feel they are invading your home. It makes it harder for them to visualise themselves living there. Keep it neutral and not over the top. Put family pictures away and let clients use their imagination as to how they will personalise the property.

Remember if you allow us to sell your property, we will sell it- and we don’t mind if you didn’t buy from us in the first place. In fact, if you’ve dealt with another estate agent in Spain when you were buying and then switch to us for selling, you’ll really see the benefits of our customer focused business model.

Get in touch, drop in to one of the La Zenia offices, email us or phone us.

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