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Polaris World was launched in 2004 as the next big thing in property in this part of Spain.
The resorts went through the roller coaster of the property highs and lows of the past 8 years and now looking at Polaris world as a investment just might make sense again.
Comaskey Properties sold hundreds of Polaris World property. We were Golden partners of Polaris meaning everything from Sushi with Jack Nicklaus to corporate football trips to Madrid. We, like our clients, we wooed with the big promises and huge ideas.
The basic principal of the Floridian style compounds was that the Nicklaus designed golf courses would be ready at the same time as Paramount Theme park in Alhama de Murcia and the new Covreva airport also close to Murcia. With intercontinental 5 star hotels, spas, tennis courts, football pitches, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a new airline, Ryanair ready to take thousands of spenders to the region on a daily basis- nothing could go wrong. That is of course until it all went wrong.
The credit dried and the banks made sure Polaris were the ones left standing when the music stopped. Many of our clients, friends and staff lost money in Polaris and we thought that was the end of the story.

Fast forward to today and its possible that Polaris is actually a good investment, as good some would say as anything else in Spain.
The standard of golf course is very high. Between all the resorts there are 5 top quality tracks. Hacienda Riquelme probably is the most popular and is a fair but challenging course. Riquelme hosted a junior PGA event this year.
El Vale hosted the Spanish Seniors open in 2011 and a number of Pro tour events. Mar Menor resort has hosted a PGA Europro event in 2012 and we believe more events are coming in 2013. This helps not least when trying to get a rental return but gives credibility to the project as a whole.
Due to the weather here, golfers get very few down days and that’s a big attraction especially to our Scandinavian clients who struggle to find the little white ball in the snow!
Spain´s fastest growing sport Paddle can be played on all resorts, and La Torre even hosted a Davis cup tennis match recently.
Bottom line Polaris World is a place where the whole family can holiday and have plenty to do, and the purchase of properties will no longer break the Spanish bank.

Apartments can be bought form Comaskey Properties and some other agents for as little as 44,000 euro. These are brand new front line golf properties and most importantly reduced by 100,000 euro from the release price in 2008.
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