No time for a holiday in Spain? – Comaskey Properties

Think again.

Have you noticed the new trend in busy executives especially in the UK who claim that they have no time to take holidays? Well, as I mentioned in my book “How to buy Property in Spain” a new home on the Costa Blanca can have many advantages and one of the most important is to your health and productivity.

A study suggests that people who take less than one holiday per year suffer from lower cognitive skills, less ability to make decisions, they make poor choices and all the way to their vocabulary, their effectiveness at work is reduced. The benefits of a holiday can last a full 12 months, but its important that your break away from the office is a relaxing one, ideally going to familiar surroundings. See where this is going? Buy a home in La Zenia, and come back to the same place every year, or more often- your brain will love it.

Health benefits of a holiday per year, or more include an 80% reduction in the chances of heart disease according to the American Journal of Epidemiology. We know stress is a killer. A break in Spain every six months gives your body the chance to fully rejuvenate itself. People tend to look after their exercise routines and eating habits before going on holiday and when they are away they do more exercise than if they had never left home- that’s more benefit to your body!

Sweden’s Uppsala university suggests two interesting ideas- One is that people who holiday more than those who don’t, suffer less anxiety and less depression in the daily lives. Not only that, people who take holidays tend to calm those around them – The de-stressing is, it appears contagious!

So, do your mind, body and productivity a favour and book an inspection trip to come and take a look around La Zenia.

As we say to our clients who tell us they don’t have time to benefits from a property on the Costa Blanca….

“Buy it, and you will come!”

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