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We have recently been asked what someone should do if they are moving back to their home country from living in Spain? In this case the person is keeping their home as a holiday home, but the answer is not too different.

a)      If you are moving back you need to de-register your Residencia with the police. You should however keep your NIE number as you may need it in future.

b)      You also need to cancel your fiscal residency with the tax office, and change to paying non resident taxes in future if you are going to keep your property as a holiday home.

c)      You don´t need to do anything about your SIP card, as when you register in your home country for medical care, this will eventually get sorted.

d)      Padron: if you are keeping your property, you may wish to remain on the Padron as it can be of use, otherwise you do need to remove yourself from the Padron.

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