From today Tuesday 13th September, they have ZANCUDO, the resident stilt man A.K.A ´LEGGY´. Starting at 6pm he will be walking around the streets of the boulevard while you shop.

Wednesday the 14th will let you listen to ´CHRIS GUITARRISTA´ a brilliant guitarist starting at 6pm on the main stage, his performance will last approx. 2 hours.

On the 15th its the night of the PLAYSTATION, where you can have a play at the new games on the Big Screen in the main square. Starting at 6pm, duration approx. 2 hours. The 16th will welcome ´HIP HOP STUDIO´where you can dance and learn some moves to the trendiest tunes, you may become the next Prince or Princess of Hip Hop! Fun for all the family, starting on the main stage at 6pm lasting approx 2 hours.

Saturday 17th will bring you a real treat, and a total Spanish dream as you sit back and watch the magnificent flamenco show ´RAQUEL PEÑA´. Commencing at 7pm, it is a show that´s not to be missed. Sunday 18th Childrens Entertainment category bring you ´There was once a Circus´ starting at 7pm and lasting upto an hour. Singing and dancing, great for the kids.

Monday the 19th is Monday Dance! ´LUNES DE BAILE´ starting at 6pm on the main stage, they will have you up on your feet for the next 2 hours dancing the night away to the latest tunes.

September 20th, Tuesday´s finest act, ´BEN ACOUSTIC VIOLIN´ a great violinist, starting at 6pm, duration 2 hours approx.

Wednesday 21st , will have you excited to see this trickster in action, MAGO FERRAN, a talented magician who will give you a show on the main stage from 6pm, duracion 2 hours approx.

Thursday 21st welcomes ´MALABARISTA´ , this juggler will have you amazed by the skill and the hard work that goes into his performance, also starting at 6pm and lasting upto 2 hours.

Friday 23rd is PLAYSTATION night once again, entertaining you while you have a go at playing the games on the big screen. Saturday 24th brings you the premiere of muscial hits with ´BALLET KEBANNA´, a 2 hour show starting at 7.30pm .

Sunday 25th, provides a parade fit for a princess! The ´DESFILE DE PRINCESAS´ will congregate at the Plaza Armengola at 7pm and all princesses are more than welcome!

Monday 26th , we have Monday Dance once again ´LUNES DE BAILE´ which will have your feet moving in no time. Starting at 6pm, duration 2 hours approx.

Tuesday 27th provides a Cartoonist ´Caricatorres´, put on your best smile and he will make you a funny portait. There from 6pm for 2 hours. On September, Wednesday the 28th at 6pm, La Zenia Boulevard invites you to see ÍRINA´the international singer who sings some beautiful songs, along with some well known classics.

Thursday 29th, brings you yet another ´PLAYSTATION´ night, Proven to be quite popular, starting at 6pm… Yet on Friday the 30th of September it is the Anniversary of La Zenia Boulevard, Lasting all day, they have informed us that they have a lot of surprises waiting for you, an event I am sure you will not want to miss!!!.

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