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Also spoken at Las Colinas Golf and Country club; Beach, Family time and Quality.


Dear potential Las Colinas buyer,


Las Colinas Golf and Country club are not just selling properties. No, far from it. Anyone can build a house.

They are selling a life in Spain for you and your family that is in my mind without equal.

If the hairs on the back of your neck stand at the thought of putting a ball, almost nursing it across the dewy magnificence of the first hole, at 7am, the smell of lavender filling your nostrils and the only sound the clink of your titleist rolling around the bottom of the cup, this offer is for you.

I know that in a world where we spend most of our days doing things we hate, in a thankless job, this might be your nirvana- Las Colinas Golf and Country club. As an owner you’ll have your choice of tee times, getting up at the crack of dawn to drive golf balls is much more fun than getting up to go working in the coal mine. (or office)


As you return three hours later to the luxury of your private villa overlooking the beautiful Costa Blanca, your children are plotting the day- will we go to the beach club, exclusive to Las Colinas owners and renters, try falconry, yes falconry, get involved in a bit of golf practice with Robert the club pro, or Sam the assistant pro….   or maybe today you’ll just take it easy and lounge in your private pool?  Slowly realizing why you work as hard as you do, but today, you dont have to be anywhere, just here.


Comaskey properties in conjunction with Spanish Solutions legal and tax firm and Las Colinas Golf and Country Club have two very special offers that you will want to take advantage of.


How does a free 18 holes on the famed par 72 championship course sound? Free golf in Las Colinas, yes please.

The only condition for a free 18 holes on this stunning Spanish gem, well it’s an added treat really, is that you come with us and the Las Colinas salespeople for a tour of the show house.

We think you’ll like it.

If you don’t like it, but instead you love it- we have another special treat for you.

For the summer sales event of 2016 (offer valid until August 31st 2016) we are giving away 5,000 euro minimum in bonuses to people who buy a property in Las Colinas golf and country club through Comaskey properties.

Are you excited yet?


If you don’t qualify for our 5,000 in bonuses, don’t worry…. Maybe you qualify for 10,000 euro in bonuses, discounts and freebies instead!! Are you excited now? We are giving away 100,000 euro as part of our 2016 Summer sales event. Have you heard about it? Tell your friends.

We are also giving away a ton of free golf. We think we have enough free golf to go around for the summer, but if you are certain you want to do take advantage, why wait? Get in touch now, and we’ll send you the very few simple, terms and conditions.

Email me today, I’m Claire. [email protected]

Nothing will smell better or help you de-stress than the lavender plants and aromatic Spanish fairways as you soak up our free golf and bonus offers so contact me now to register.




Warning, bring your celebrity watching glasses, when you are viewing…. you never know who you’ll meet here on the Costa Blanca…. Are you reading Matt Damon?


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