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Café/Bar for sale in La Zenia, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Business opportunity. Café for sale on Paddy’s Point lane, La Zenia.

Have you thought of owning a business in Spain and were unsure as to how to go about it? This might be the answer to your prayers!

We are offering for sale or ideally for rent, Coup de Coeur café on the Paddys Point lane, which has come onto the market today. The café is a perfect one-man operation, or will equally suit a couple looking to escape the pressure of life back home. It is currently fitted out as a small café and should have been very successful previously, due to the top location and the passing trade this terrace experiences year around.

This is neither nor the time nor place to criticise the previous tenants but the next people who come in to run it must prove that they have a background in the industry and they must provide us with testimonials- this is non-negotiable; we just can’t allow another unqualified tenant to enter the premises.

Ok, now the good stuff…

Why do we mention Paddys Point Irish pub here in the advertising of the café? Well, it’s important that you know who your neighbours are, and the potential clients that they bring to the whole area. Paddys was established as far back as 1999 and is probably the best organised restaurant and Irish bar on The Costa Blanca- Really!

You can’t compete with Paddy’s so why would you want to try? On the other hand, a complimentary business selling bagels, or soft ice cream or Mexican food, or anything different, is good for everyone in the Zenia Golf I Commercial Centre.

To the other side of our café, just past the Comaskey office is another well-established bar, Gogarty’s. While it does not have the size or stature of Paddy’s Point, Gogarty’s too will help bring potential clients to the area.

Across the road is the super Alejandros restaurant- it’s always busy here because of the warm greetings from the staff, to the fact the food today is served exactly as it was yesterday. Alex and the team there prove that if you get the basics right- open the door, be friendly, give efficient service and a decent product, the people will come.

The big thing for you, you don’t need to advertise your new café as the people are here in La Zenia already.

People say its location, location, location– Previous tenants have proved that this is not the case- This is the best location you can find for a small café, yet there is more involved to being successful.

First you need to show up, be nice to people and deliver a good product- that’s all. Telling clients, “sorry we don’t have milk today” is not good enough when they order their coffee and will guarantee the clients do not return.

If you work reasonably hard and smart here, it’s very possible to generate a very decent income and better still, it should work from the day you open the door- no need to build up the business as the customers are right here already.

We can help you with all the taxation and legal issues which may arise through Spanish Solutions. They will help you to structure the business in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Rent for the unit is 1,000 per month and we require a deposit of 5,000 euro which will be returned to you and the end of your lease. We do not require any key money or Traspasso.

The lease will have to be tight after previous bad experiences- meaning you should only take on this business opportunity if you know what you are doing.

We recently visited Amsterdam, my family and I. While we were there we found a little Ice Cream Parlour- Moments Ice-cream. How well would a franchise like this work in this unit?? Maybe that’s the product you need? It’s up to you to do your homework on this.


What you do in the commercial unit is up to you- All we can do is give you the best location that we know of, where you can rent a unit of this potential in such a wonderful area.

A couple of key points…

  • You must provide references and proof that you have experience in the bar/café or restaurant sectors.
  • Potential Rent to Buy option available. (we are not even discussing until we know we have the right tenant)
  • Hundreds of sets of feet walking past the door every day.
  • 50m2 internal with a terrace included.
  • We will give you the option to use the La Zenia Travel terrace and Comaskey Properties terrace too, meaning you can treble your space, if you prove you are willing to work!!
  • Already fitted out as a bar/cafe.
  • Opening licence already in place.
  • No key money required.
  • 5,000 refundable deposit plus 1,000 pm.


If you are interested, please talk to Iris or Susie today!

[email protected]

0034 966773453

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