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Footgolf.  The new growing sport

Footgolf… whatever next! When I first heard of friends heading to the course at Elche, I thought this was a new thing, but on reading more about it, I see that the first nine hole footgolf tournament was organised in the Netherlands in 2008! Belgium and Hungary switched from playing in parks to gold courses and the American Footgolf Legaue was founded in 2011. Then it started growing world-wide. By October 2014, the game was being played at more than 240 course s in the USa and being recognised in the UK.

The game has helped many struggling golf courses and is probably going to continue to do so.

How is the game played? Well, the same as a game of golf except players use a football rather than a golf club, and they kick the ball, not strike it. The usual golf hole has grown to a 21 inch “cup”. Quite simply, the player with the fewest shots on a 9 or 18 hole course wins. Footgolf is quicker to play than normal golf, good exercise and cheaper. It is also great fun!

Where can you try this sport? Well, there is a course at Elche, on Carretera Vieja Alicante-Elche, El Plantio Golf Resort, 03114, Alacant. It costs 15€ unlimited play but there are lots of deals you can do including lunch. See this website…

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