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We have a really good offer from a company named Gas Natural to change your electricity from other electricity companies (not just Iberdrola) to them.

The Gas Natural offer is:
• 8 % discount on the kw price
• maintenance service and repair of appliances
• 15 € discount on the first bill issued
• A fixed offer for 12 months

We at Spanish Solutions will charge 15 euro (IVA not included) for making the change (which will be refunded in the first bill anyway).

The 8 % discount is on consumption, on kw price,so the final price is a very good 0.12 € per kw.

The maintenance service is like an insurance, named Servielectric which covers repairs of all appliances, including a technician´s visit to the house if they are there under 3 hours.

This costs 4 euro per month and is included in the offer.

Our recommendation is that you change your electricity to using Gas Natural.

To do this, we only need:

– a copy of any Iberdrola or other electricity company bill
– an authorization form signed (we do not need the original, it can be scanned by email) or if we have a valid POA we can use this.
– 15 euros

Please contact Ana on [email protected] if you have any more questions or to change to Gas Natural (they do not need to come out to your property, it can all be arranged by Ana):

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