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Michael E. Gerber in his must-read classic business book, The E-myth revisited, states that “every business is a family business”.

His point being that if you are stressed in your business, you are stressed at home. If you are dishonest at work, you are dishonest at home. 

If you are disinterested, overwhelmed, frustrated and disengaged at work, you are the same at home. How can you not be?

If you are chasing an unattainable dream at work, that adversely affects you in your relationships with those closest to you. 

So many people in the UK and Ireland, (I just mention these countries as they are the ones I personally know best) spend too much time commuting to work, working in soul-destroying jobs, dealing with people they can’t stand in order to buy shiny new things to impress people they don’t like. 

For me, perhaps the best thing about living on the Costa Blanca and raising my family here is the fact that we do not try to beat the Jones. My car is 5 years old for example and its runs like the day it came off the lot – Its true I could conceivably drive like Miss Daisy and it takes me 7 minutes to cycle from my Cabo Roig home to my La Zenia office but still, you get the picture. We don’t need to spend money to show people how happy we are. 

Maybe you need a change of scenery and a new career? Is this the year for you to make a life-changing move?

We in Comaskey properties have helped people become estate agents, English teachers and gym instructors. We´ve been involved in the opening of bars, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, a cleaning business, travel agency and massage clinic. 

Perhaps you are location independent- If you are a writer, blogger or graphic artist, you can operate your family business (every business is a family business) from your home office in Cabo Roig or Villa Martin – why not! 

There are business opportunities here and if you manage your time, pick your clients and think like a business person there is a whole new life awaiting you and your family on the Costa Blanca. 

If you would like to discuss some ideas you have or ask about opportunities, please feel free to email me on:

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