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  • Are you ready to be your own boss?
  • Are you ready to work the hours you choose?
  • A new life in Spain sound interesting?
  • Would you like to operate your very own business in Spain, selling Real Estate, probably the best Real Estate on the market, to people who want to buy it? Welcome to our world.

Comaskey have sold many hundreds of millions of Euro worth of Spanish property since 2001 along the whole Costa Blanca and now we are offering a franchise model unlike any other we have seen before hit the market- a real opportunity for people like you to take advantage of our experience, reputation, extensive team and the power of a refined conveyor belt system of success. You should see the amount of client testimonials our team gets, if you dont believe me! Buyers love the way we operate.


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We are almost TWO years tweaking the offer and now finally it is ready. Our legal bill alone was almost 20,000€ – We are taking this very seriously and unlike other so called Spanish Real Estate Franchise offers around the area, this one is legit. Due to our hard work, we believe you will have clients and sales. You will know that we are offering them some of the best deals on the Costa Blanca. Both you and your clients will be protected legally and from a taxation point of view. We have a very successful in-house  legal and fiscal division that no other agent can compete with.  We are giving great offers and financial help to the first few franchisees to get up and running for example: a reduction in rent- but it’s only for the first few to set up in 2017. After that, we feel potential franchisees will be banging on our door!

So, I’m going to skip the pitch and assume that we had you at “be your own boss and move to Spain” and you are indeed interested in exploring a new opportunity on the Costa Blanca with Comaskey, the regions most trusted Estate Agents.

We’ll discuss the pros (and cons) of life in Spain elsewhere on this blog, but for now let’s assume you have done your due diligence on our company and our franchise offer, money paid, with your move to Spain made. Now What?

(Please note we will not register clients to become Comaskey Franchisees unless they have had legal advice and understand all aspects regarding our Franchise offer)

Comaskey are going to provide you with many tools to help you succeed but you, ultimately are responsible for the success of your new business. You, not us, must make your business a success.

We will provide training, re-training, support, goal setting, marketing, translation, legal and tax help, a native team of professionals supporting you and a recognizable brand name that screams, “Professionalism” but still your success is not guaranteed. You still must show up and work hard.

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There are many tricks to try to get you across the winning line. Start by trying the IDEA acronym regardless of what business or sector you ultimately go into (thanks to Steve Shaun White, Pete Savage and Ed Gandia for this little gem).


In yourself: I remember in the summer of 2000 asking a few estate agents if I could shadow them and be their intern on my days off from the bar game. Surprisingly, one said “yes” and Cathy set me on my way. I invested the effort.

It’s easier for you these days. Comaskey Sales and Rentals are opening the door to some of the best professionals on the Costa Blanca- you need to use them. Learn from them (the good and the bad!) and invest in soaking up the knowledge and experience from them.


You need to develop a belief that you can do this. You would not be human if you have no doubts. You are moving country and getting into a whole new way of life. Trust the system. It’s worked for the past 3,000 buyers and it’ll work for you.


Things will go wrong. Expect them to. A seller will increase a price; the bank will mess up the mortgage application and the Spanish waiter will be slow (he really will). That’s OK though—be ready and it won’t come as a shock.


The feeling of success is one to be absorbed. You are living in Spain, meeting nice people, golfing on your day off, selling clients a great product while saving them time and stress. Enjoy it!


How to market to your Spanish property clients. Your online marketing will for the most part be handled by COMASKEY team members from our La Zenia office. That said, your influence is key. We’ll give you more strategies but here’s one: put together a 30 second video of yourself on the beach, telling everyone about your new career in Spain and why if anyone is thinking about Real Estate in Spain, they should use COMASKEY. Stick it in your Snapchat and Facebook. I guarantee you’ll get likes and messages from your friends.

Next, compile a list of 200 contacts who you specifically want to see the video. Send it to their inbox and ask them to report and distribute it to anyone they feel might benefit. You must believe strongly enough in the COMASKEY model to do this. And when you do, you will absolutely stumble across someone thinking of buying property in Spain, looking for someone like you to help. For free suddenly you’ll have your first Real Estate client. Simple!

Create content. In marketing, they call it a buzz price. It’s a blog or video, slightly longer and more professional than the last video we mention above. When it’s ready (again, we help produce it) we start to publish and distribute it. We pitch a great little title like, “Why you’d be crazy to buy a property in Cabo Roig and not speak to Mary first.” Let’s get people’s attention and let the system do the rest.

Avoid lean times by constantly being in touch with your clients. The COMASKEY newsletter goes to over 8,000 clients every month. Yes, we want to tell them about the various births and deaths around Cabo Roig, but we need to keep our name in the forefront of their conscious. You can do the same. Just because “Bob” has bought 6 months ago does not mean you can’t send him the odd message. “Hi Bob, how is the new place in Torrevieja?” That might be all it takes for Bob to go out of his way to recommend you to a friend of his who might become your next client.

Price value into the deal. In so many ways, the fact that in Spain builders and banks pay us a flat fee and we don’t actually charge per hour makes this job so much easier. Clients (buyers) don’t shop around to save 50€ off a property but you can still give them value. Collect them at the airport, try to get the builder to throw in a flat screen TV, help them to buy their new car in Spain, show them where the gym is, introduce them to Spanish Solutions. You can give them real value while not having to discount your price.

Passive income rocks. As an Estate Agent in Spain, we get offered the next deals before anyone else. There is nothing illegal or immoral if you buy some of your own stock. Take your list of bank repossessions we have. We know how much finance is available, possible appreciation, cost of refurbishment and probable rental return. You buy all services at wholesale prices, so why not build your own portfolio? Other passive income comes when you have other people selling homes for you—that lesson is for another day, however.

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To be a success in the Spanish Real Estate sector: be sure of your goals, have excellent mentors, decide what lifestyle you are looking for, how much will it cost?

We have developed a unique system to help people like you to become a success in property sales in Spain, while becoming your own boss. This system works, trust it and you can invent the best possible life for yourself in Spain.

If you are thinking of moving to Spain and are interested in meeting our Franchise team, please let us know and we’ll arrange a chat over a coffee.

Would you like a PDF version of our Franchise brochure? Please ask Claire and she will get it out to you.

[email protected]


There are a few very exciting announcements regarding the Comaskey Franchise opportunity coming soon- If you’d like to be the first to hear, let Claire know and you’ll be on our mailing list.


Are you thinking of buying a new build property in Spain? Did you know that effectively with the commission you save by becoming a Comaskey Franchisee first, you could have your new business set up for free! More details… you know who to contact, Claire.

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