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Back in the days, pre Spanish property boom, half the clients who purchased property on the Costa Blanca had a great idea for opening a business here. Many of them did it, many were very successful, and then the recession or credit crunch or property bust happened and the level of entrepreneurship here in Spain has never recovered. I’m a huge believer than an economy needs creative capitalists to not just come up with ideas but to pay lots of tax, employ lots of people and out some money into the local community.

With that in mind, here are four businesses you could open today in La Zenia which will hopefully not just get you a new job, but will create a new way of life for you and maybe your family too.

My five businesses most likely to succeed in Spain.

1. You could open a bar. I know it sounds like the stereo typical thing to do in Spain- move here, open a bar, drink the profits and move home disillusioned. That’s not what I mean here. Why not do a bit of research and open a profitable bar that you own. Take the “Quiet Man” Irish pub in La Zenia which we have for sale. It’s a freehold, 120m2 which stands the owners €500,000 ballpark. It never really worked because nobody was there along enough to give it a chance. If you gather 100,000 together and bought it, worked behind the bar, offered good service, a pool or dart team, a place for kids to play when the parents are at the bar getting funny, you will make money.

Check out the link here to our Quiet man brochure.
2. You could offer an educational/babysitting/ drop in place for kids. So, you need a safe area where you could teach English speaking kids’ reading, writing and maths. I love this franchise, and I’m in no way affiliated with it.
You would not need to actually buy a franchise you just open up your own version of the concept initially to take a look at how well it works. They run top classes for children as you would expect. We checked out one of their units in the States a couple of years back which had a relaxed babysitting type service too plus they even ran a night time babysitting service using only approved reliable babysitters who they matched to the parents looking for a child minder. Brilliant. You could do it all if you move to Spain!


3. Become a property agent. Please not next door to us, we don’t need any more competition in La Zenia!! Instead speak to Comaskey and let us help you to open in an area where we can work together. If you email Claire, [email protected], she will gladly send you a copy of our e-book “How to become an estate agent in Spain”. We have started offering Franchise opportunities to suitable candidates whereby we give them a turnkey package and we hope we can make their real estate business very successful in Spain. The Franchise idea in Spain is very delicate legally so please only work with a company who have a fully legal system in place. There are a number of good real estate Franchises worth checking out like Remax and Century 21. (although we still think our one is best of course!!)
4. Become a property listing agent. So let’s say you want to get into property but just on a very part time basis. Comaskey and loads of other agents in the Orihuela Costa region and I assume all over Spain, are constantly looking for houses for sale. We would be just as happy to pay you for the referral as we would to pay for an ad in the local newspaper. Sorry to our friends in the Costa Blanca people, I’m sure they know what I’m saying here! We can talk to you about it but the commissions are decent and your friends and clients will get the very best deal for selling property ion the Costa Blanca that we know of on the market today. We have more enquiries, meaning more chances for them to sell. Our buyers will be happy and everyone wins.


5. Move to Spain and do what you are doing. Many jobs in 2016 are location independent. Let’s say you are a writer, programmer, accountant, etc. What is to stop you approaching your boss and telling him the great news… you’ll take a reduction on your wages but work from home. He or she does not care if you are living in Spain or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll get more done and cost the company less- easy decision for them. If you want to find out how to move to Spain or anywhere else successfully, you should read Tim Ferriss’ four-hour work week or check out his blog.
If you are interested in moving to the Costa Blanca especially if you have a good idea, please give us a shout. We can help you with accountants, IT people, legal people banking etc. and we love hearing great ideas!!
Good luck!

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