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Sales, Rentals and Super Salespeople

Easter has been and pretty much gone. Its not just me saying this (although thats my job) but every agent in the region we´ve spoken to has clients coming out of their ears. Its great news to see so many buyers around and its good for all of us to see everyone else being busy. (Estate agents – If you are not selling houses right now, you´re in big trouble!!)

Sellers are rightly asking “if there are so many buyers, can we not increase the price of our property”- Its a fair question and the truth is that the increase in the number of buyers greatly improves your chance of selling rather than what you´ll get for your property. Its down to supply and demand and right now there are still more houses for sale than there are buyers.

Another reason is the banks – We have not had a rant at them is ages.. its not the right time just now either, too many mortgages in the pipeline so I´ll be careful. It is true though that the banks are killing the market in order to make their own books look better. People trust banks more than estate agents, even those with thousands of successful deals under their belts. Banks still hold that trust for some reason. We heard of one local bank whose top agent is a guy the bank recently fired for taking backhanders. He is still doing it but now as he is bring buyers to the bank, then thats ok with them!

Apart from this another problem is that the people in the banks don´t know what property is worth (after all its not their job) and if I´m advising a client to buyer a property in La Zenia for 70,000 euro but the bank says that their property up the mountain somewhere is worth 200,000 and my client can have it for 30,000, that makes us look expensive, costs us the deal and leaves a poor buyer with an overpriced property he does not want. (up a mountain!) Be careful when dealing with these guys and go through a trusted estate agent instead. Right thats over.

New Office

The new office is flying – plenty of walk-in trade and we´re delighted to report – plenty of different nationalities. We think its the perfect combination, Real estate and Legal and Tax advice all under one roof. The closer the three companies get (Comaskey Sales, Comaskey Rentals and Spanish Solutions) the more it feels like something we will be able to franchise into other parts of the coast in the future. The benefit for sellers and buyers is that if Spanish Solutions are involved the deal will get done.

Too many sales are lost or messed up before going to the notary because the solicitors don’t understand the process (sounds Mad, but its true!) or they are just so disorganized that they can’t get it across the line. Anyway, we´re delighted to be associated with Spanish Solutions – www.spanishsolutions.net

I have noticed that on their web site, they appear to be selling viagra?? Silvia assures me its a bug and will get fixed – I´m wondering is it a side line for the girls there??


Figures out today tell us that unemployment in Spain is running at 26.3%. Thats compares to about 5% in Germany. It is not down to the financial crisis however, something deeper than that.

Firstly, the figures are false – Many millions of Spaniards work in the Black economy and many companies pay employees cash in hand while the employees still draw dole. Nothing new here, everyone knows this.

In Germany I find people have an idea in their heads that they need to be doing things, creating things, inventing things. They know that if they produce a better engine, TV set, or computer code, their government will provide grants, finance, help and if it does not work due to no fault of the inventor or creator, the government will help them back on their feet as soon as they can.

Its not the case in Spain (or Ireland unfortunately). People still depend on other people (generally the government) to do things for them. What was it JFK said again? Well, the same applies here… ask what you can do for yourself, is a phrase I´ve never heard people on genuine long term employment asking. There are too many people working in the Health, finance, local government and Education sectors who are simply useless – they produce nothing, just read tape.

The great news is that anyone who wants out of this broken system can do so, even in depressed economies like Ireland and Spain – Just help someone and/or create something – All the information is out there, just don’t wait on your government to hand it on a plate to you. There are hundreds of potential business opportunities right now in Spain and tens of thousands of potential clients too.

Poli´s Back!

The very lovely Poli Borisova (pictured far left) returned to Spanish Solutions today after her maternity leave while tending to the needs of baby Alexander. Poli is like a vase of flowers in the room and its great to have her back again to deal with all our personal and business tax, non resident tax and everything related to our accounting. Welcome back, Poli!!

Paddys Point

If you have not seen the work thats been done to Paddys Point either on their Facebook or better still in person then this is what it looks like. Both inside and outside look great – Well done to all involved.

On a loosely related note, Paddy´s Point golf society “Captains day” takes place next Wednesday in Las Colinas golf course. Baby Finn is not feeling confident that his Daddy will retain last years honor of golfer of the year, considering he has not hit a green in regulation in about 13 months! Places for the evening entertainment are still available, as far as I´m aware, just give Hazel a shout in Paddys if you are interested.


Once again it just shows how much I know. Telefonica and Movistar are parts of possibly the worst company in the world, with the worst customer service… or so I thought! I read this week that Telefonica practically owns the mobile phone market in Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Florida and is one of the largest mobile phone companies in Ireland, Scandinavia, UK and northern Europe. They even own o2 – who knew? Why can’t I get a decent Wifi system and a mobile phone plan that tells me how much I´m actually paying. Not only is this company hugely successful, it is largely owned by three Spanish banks.
If they can do it…..

Champions League

There is a real chance that one country will have three representatives in the champions league semi finals for the first time ever after all three Spanish sides left themselves in good shape this week.

The really special one (Manuel Pellegrini) has worked miracles in Malaga considering he lost half his squad as well as having been barred from European competition next year even if Malaga win it. Who makes these decisions? Regardless of the result and if Malaga do not progress past Dortmund next week the world has found a new star in the form of Isco – soon to be the next big thing in Spanish football and coming soon to a premiership club near you.


Tito Vilanova has returned to Barcelona after 10 weeks of cancer treatment in the US just in time to see that cracking match versus PSG during the week. From a human point of view its great to see him make such a recovery and from a football point of view its bad news for the rest of Europe. John Giles, who should know better said that it did not affect Barcelona as they were professional enough to do their jobs without having him in the dugout. Why bother with managers and coaches at all so? It remains to be seen what happens this season for Barca, but had Vilanova been at the wheel last month its hard to see Real Madrid beating his side twice within a few days. Its also great that Barcelona´s French defender Eric Abidal might finally be over his horrific illness and it looks like he too has beaten cancer … twice!

6 Buying Points

We´ve added a new feature to our web site, the (new) 6 steps to buying a property in Spain.
If its not up already, it´ll be there in a few days, just stick in your email address and you´ll get it. Its edge of the seat stuff but you must enter your email address on our website to receive it. Hereis an exciting preview ….

The steps are:
Define your needs. (don’t buy a house up a mountain from a bank)
Get an estate agent. (a real one)
Find your property. (tell your agent what you want – she is on your side.)
Get a lawyer. (you would not buy a house at home without one)
Move in and Love it! (you knew this bit already)
Become and estate agent. (well at least recommend us to your friends, we´ll have a little reward for you).

Energy Efficient Housing

Many clients are asking us what the new energy efficiency law means for them and we didn´t know.

That was before we talked to Eva in Spanish Solutions and now its crystal. It looks like the Town hall wants us all to present a certificate if we are selling or renting a property in Spain. Could this just be a nice little earner for them?
This is what we know so far.
1. It has to be an technical architect to do it.
2. It has to include the property and owner details, cadastral reference, fotographs of property and situation map.
It also will include what measurements to take on the property to improve the energetic califacation and how much it would cost.
3. The certificate will have to be renewed every 10 years.
4. There is a possibility that you have to present at the Notary when selling (we don’t know yet)
5. We don’t know yet if there would be taxes involved and how much.
6. It is not been approved yet.
So there you have it. We need to be more energy efficient in Spain because its freezing here. I paid particular attention to point No. 6 on Eva´s list and I shall continue to do so until she advises me different!

For Sale

La Brasseria II, Cabo Roig is being offered for sale at 400,000 euro (negotiable). Set on a plot of over 1000M2, the restaurant has had an eventful last couple of years but we are confident that with the correct management (who pay their bills) there is room for substantial growth. We remember fondly when the Brasseria was the top restaurant on the Costa Blanca and we´d all very much like to see it return to those glory days again. I think (yes, I should have done my research beforehand) that permission to build apartments on the plot also exists. Sue would listen to offers to buy, rent, or indeed let to buy. We can discuss terms prices etc by email or in person. :[email protected]

Latest Offers from Worldwide Horizons

If you send us a client up to May 31st who purchases, we´ll give you a 500 euro voucher for any of the offers below. I suppose you can refer yourself? Free holiday and fantastic real estate service – You cant argue with that?

Worlwide Horizons have some great deals, so great that they are flying off the shelf, but we´re not allowed to publish them (which is true). So anyone wanting a bargain in April on MSC Cruises from Valencia and Barcelona, should call Worldwide Horizons now – 966 761 492 to find out the details. Basically MSC has beds to sell off but they dont want people to know how much the last minute discounts are. You get it, call Yvonne. Everyone should go on a cruise especially now that prices are so low.

Estate Agents

We had an agent come to our new office last week to show a property to a client who contacted another agent (who knows me) through an agent in Russia. With me so far? End result was, Four agents… one client, no sale.

If you are an estate agent, why not just bring the client directly to us and we´ll get a fair deal for everyone, buyer, seller and you. I see agents spending money, wasting money actually, sticking flyers on cars… “we need properties for sale and rental” – Clients don’t care what YOU need. We already have the properties here, just contact us, let us help you and in return our mutual clients too will be satisfied. If you are giving us a second chance, because you did not appreciate the way we operated in the past, we´ll like you even more now.

If you don´t use us due to either a (hopefully false) idea that we are too big/small/untrustworthy or whatever, its not true. Just meet us, especially the salespeople, and you´ll know pretty quickly what you are dealing with.

Thats All Folks

Thanks for reading this far.

Once again, if we can help you with anything please just let us know.

That is what we are here for – We looovee to hear second hand compliments from clients and especially from competitors – thanks. We know who you are we return the favour to you!

Spain has the 3rd highest life expectancy rate in the World for men and 2nd if you are female. You should move here.

If you are renting, selling, buying or know someone who is, please give us a chance, thats all we ask. Why would you not use us?

I´ll leave you with that.

All the best,
Ian Comaskey and the superstar team.

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