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We told you recently that our sales department had been strengthened this month by the transfer of Susie Wright from the head of Rentals across the office to a sales desk.
This left a very big gap in the rental side of things which is being very adequately filled by a familiar face, Poli Borisova.
Poli qualified from Sofia University with a degree in Economics and worked in her home country with the company ISO 9001 on leaving college.
Poli and her husband decided in 2001 that they wanted to do something new, they packed their bags and ten days later arrived in Spain. Another new arrival landed seven months later when “little Victor” was born. He has recently become “big Victor” with his dad taking over the role as the “older” Victor!
Poli’s first job in Spain was as a taxation consultant in Spanish Solutions. She spent nine years helping our clients with their business and personal tax issues. Her contribution to our non resident tax department cannot be understated – Simply put we could not have done it without her and our clients would have paid the penalty, quite literally.
During her time there, Poli helped, advised and directed all of our non resident property buyers and sellers in the right fiscal and taxation direction. Times change and the Spanish Revenue certainly is changing too. New regulations for business owners were coupled with very serious new regulations for property renters.
This is where we felt Poli was of most use to our customers – in our rental departments which she runs in a very efficient manner but now with one eye on ensuring that our landlords are aware of their tax obligations here in Spain. This advice she is giving for free to our landlords.
We feel this finally might be the end of the unregistered, non tax compliant rental estate agent in Spain. We don’t know how they can operate without having an in house tax expert.
Comaskey rentals has the tenants, the legal and fiscal knowledge and now Comaskey Properties clients can get relevant up to date tax advice when renting their house in Spain. It’s a match made in Spanish heaven!
She does all of this with a happy demeanour and Poli is very definitely a huge addition to the Comaskey team at La Zenia.

You can reach Poli easily via email – [email protected]

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