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Alicante – the Museums (MARQ, MACA & MUBAG – M for marvellous)
We know many of you have been to Alicante and we think it is a wonderful city, vibrant with a great beach, marina and lovely places to visit such as the Castillo. We don´t tend to think so much of the museums, but actually Alicante is well worth a day out to visit some of the museums.

Firstly, the MARQ Archaeological museum is a civilised way to look at the past. MARQ is the impressive building that sits beneath Alicante’s ninth century castle and houses one of Spain’s best archaeological museums. It was voted Europe’s Museum of the Year in 2004.

Divided into several themed areas MARQ provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy an emotive and educational journey through local history. It contains relics from the very first settlers in the region in pre-historic times to the Iberians, the Romans, the Medieval Age and the Modern and Contemporary historical periods.

The visitor is guided firstly through the permanent galleries dedicated to prehistoric finds and onwards. The museum offers visitors the opportunity to find out about the various methods and techniques that are used in archaeology which are explained in three dedicated galleries, field archaeology, urban archaeology and underwater archaeology.
Various dioramas, audio-visual presentations and interactive tools allow visitors a comprehensive insight into the techniques that archaeologists use to uncover and discover the past. The various galleries are linked by introductory sections which provide a chronological continuity to the displays and which can be enhanced by using interactive consoles (in English) and these inform visitors about specific information of the sites including descriptions of the archaeological objects that are on display and explanations on the different ways of life of the various cultures.
Furthermore, the museum has various exhibition spaces for temporary displays. Not only is the museum smart, modern and using the very latest technology to enhance the experience for visitors but its staff also are extremely helpful and knowledgeable answering any questions and helping visitors make the most of their visit.

It will take a good hour and a half to visit the MARQ Museum properly and it is well worth spending the time studying the various areas and civilisations that have made their presence known in the region.

There is a lot to look at and learn from the prehistoric tools and weapons to the remains of the British battleships sunk just off the coast. Parking near to the museum is not too bad – and free on the local streets, and the entrance fee is very cheap (free for children). There is also a cafe bar on site.

The other museum is the contemporary art museum (MACA), which is light, airy and free to visit. This museum is located at the Santa Maria square, next to the church and not so far from the Rambla. It has been brought into life by Eusebio Sempere, one of the most influential modern artists of Spain, and the top floor shows off his lovely sculptures. The collection is genuinely well curated and a Dali, Picasso, Miro(s) and a Bacon make the whole experience well worth the short walk from the city centre.


Lastly, we would recommend the Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina (MUBAG), which is a charming small museum. Housed in an old castle, much of the original architecture can still be seen. They have done a beautiful job with the displays and the pathways for the visitors. Up and down, around corners, and through halls makes for a very enjoyable experience. Currently there is a Sorolla exhibition until March and Rubens and Van Dyck until the 8th February.

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