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Comaskey Properties, La Zenia, Costa Blanca.
Objectives 2015.

I decided to take a page from our Strategic Objective document and turn it into this blog. This is only an internal document, and we don’t normally share this kind of thing, but it will give people who don’t know who we are a bit of background on Comaskey Properties – who we think we are, and what we hope to achieve. Feel free to tell us what you think.

La Zenia, June 2015.
From: Ian
To: All team members.
This is the basis for all corporate and individual decision making within the extended Comaskey Group.

This one page tells you who we are, how we function and what direction we are heading in.

We are the highest-quality real estate agent in the region of the Costa Blanca, no exception.
We understand the property business better than any other estate agent in Spain and advise our clients using this framework.
Our main objective is to sell and rent property in the Costa Blanca area and ensure our clients legal, tax and general affairs are in order. Think to yourself … Would I want my Gran to have this deal?
We are all in the business of sales and we sell our services, safe in the knowledge that we are offering our clients a great product at a great price with better customer care than anyone else.
Our after sales starts with the very fact we are here now and not going anywhere anytime soon. If clients need a plumber, electrician, tiler, solicitor, taxi or babysitter, we will help them find one.
We rent property legally and ensure our tenants and landlords alike are protected and rewarded for using our services.
We provide property for other agents to sell, thus helping our property owners reach sellers they would not otherwise do and help the buyers find property they could not do so without us. We promote collaboration with other agents rather than competition.
We want our clients to refer us to their friends and family.

We wish to grow the Comaskey brand and constantly look to expand the business to include new clients, new agents, new services, new offices, new divisions and new areas.

The Real estate business in Spain is complex. There will always be unforeseen circumstances – We can limit our exposure to the ever changing environment by learning, and documenting the experience.
Our success is based the sales ability of our team of real people; our willingness to learn and grow, our attention to detail (especially when getting closer to the sale and specifically while we are working with Spanish Solutions to get sales to the notary), our marketing – clients need to know we are this good, our Internet presence – we will continue to embrace the web, our flexibility when dealing with other agents, lawyers, banks and clients, our personal relationships with our clients and our agents, and our locations. – We will open more offices around La Zenia before the end of 2016; our success is also based on our reputation, experience, knowledge, and finally we know how to make mistakes better than anyone else. We fall forward every time. We admit any errors to each other and get it right next time.

We have people in the organisation who can work multiple roles. Sellers must help with landlords and tenants in particular.

If we sell one product, that benefits everyone even in other departments and offices.

We are all working all the time to get leads, sales and commissions while keeping the clients needs at the forefront of our mind all the time.

We don’t work for free. Profit too is a vital aspect of the process; however we offer our clients and collaborating agents more value than they can get anywhere else.

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