A Full Body Health Scan with a Difference – by guest blogger Dr Machi Mannu – Comaskey Properties

Your body is the most complex structure in the universe. Scientists reckon that there are more

connections in the brain than there are atoms in the universe. How sad then, that when such a

complex structure goes wrong, we are allowed a few minutes with the doctor to fix it. Something is

not quite right here. A broken down car receives far more attention than ´broken down´ people at

the GP surgery. Most likely, the car gets hooked up to sophisticated computer systems until the

problem is detected. In many cases the engineer will spend many hours and sometimes days

searching for and fixing the problem.

Unfortunately, human diseases are not handled in this manner. The average time spent in GP

surgeries in Europe is 8 minutes. And in those 8 minutes, you can be sure that no form of technology

will be employed in the diagnosis of the illness. Many doctors today practice what should be called ‘guess

work medicine’. In other words, they rely on just the symptoms the patient remembers to tell them,

in order to treat the illness. In today’s technologically advanced world, such practice is primitive and at times

highly unreliable.

Even when diagnostic investigations are carried out, they are usually limited to blood tests, X-rays

and CT scans. While some people may consider these investigations the cutting edge of medical

diagnostics, the reality is that these methods are outdated. Apart from being

invasive, blood tests can be inaccurate, and worse still, they are slow in recording changes in the

body, and usually by the time a positive blood test occurs, the relating problem would have

progressed. X-rays are known to be associated with cancers because of the deadly radiation they

produce. X-rays are also very limited in what they can tell about a sick body.

CT-scans are highly regarded in the public eye, however CT scans are probably the most dangerous

medical scans, and many experts believe they should be banned. CT scans take multiple X-rays

pictures to produce a 3D image of the examined organ, and by doing so, exposes the body to

hundreds of times more radiation than X-rays. Several scientific studies have linked CT-scans to

many different types of cancers. The safer alternative to CT scans are MRI scans. Unfortunately,

over 80% of imaging diagnostics are carried out by X-rays and CT scans.

Health professionals argue that the current medical approach of compartmentalizing the body

makes it difficult for diseases to be identified. In other words, modern medicine views the body in

parts, and has created sub specialities to cater for the different parts. Someone with a problem in

the stomach will see a gastroenterologist, and for a heart problem, a cardiologist. The irony is that

the body has no barriers and exists as a single whole. A problem with the stomach can be due to

hormonal problems, while a cardiac problem can be caused by problems in the skeletal system.

Splitting the body into compartments makes it difficult for the cause of the problem to be identified.

At MedB diagnostic Centre, we carry out a full body diagnostic scan using modern advanced

computerised technology to examine all the organs and systems of the body, carry out a blood test

without needles, check for parasites and other microbes in the body, check for toxins such as

mercury as well as food sensitivities and allergies. The scan not only reveals the diseases you may

have, but more importantly reveals the likely causes of the disease. Treating the cause of a disease is

the correct way to manage a disease than just treating the symptoms of the disease. For more

information visit: www. medb.es.

If you live in Torrevieja Spain, and would like to book for a full body diagnostic Scan Call MedB

Diagnostic Centre; 965071745, 966189074

Article by Dr Machi Mannu

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